How do you do portrait mode if you do not have a DSLR or high quality camera phone?

Now many of you are thinking, man, what is the need to take portrait photo, but let me tell you that, right now people are crazy to capture portrait photos in 21st century.In fact, I myself am too crazy to take a portrait photo.

These days, everyone wants to do portrait photography. Sharing your picture on social media platform like fb, instagram etc.

So today this topic is all about that if you do not have a portrait feature camera or phone, then how do you still do portrait photography.

Listen carefully, the app that I am going to tell you, you will get the app only in ios or app store. This app is not available in Android, so this app is especially for Apple users.

This app is called Focos. In this app you can blur photos, mean you can do portrait mode easily.

I like this app very much and I personally used it. Actually, the app have a lot of feature you can easily manage depth mode by increasing or decrease according to your own. You can easily change the normal photo into Portrait mode photo.

So let’s start with how you will do portrait mode in any picture:

  • Steps 1: Download the focos app from app store and open it.


  • Steps 2: Select any photo that you want to put in portrait mode.


  • Steps 3:As you have seen, I have choose a photo of myself but it is not in depth mode(no background blurred). So now I’m going to tell you that how you will increase the aperture(f) rate of your photo.

Here is the 3 photo, every picture has blurred in the background. Some background have Less or more than the other.

  1. From the first picture, you will see that the aperture is set at f-11.7 so there will some blurred.
  2. From the second picture, will will see that the aperture is set at f-1.4 so there is a heavy blur.
  3. From the third picture the aperture is set at f-1.4 mean no blur.

High aperture mean less blurred and less aperture mean high blurred. So don’t confused it. So you have to set according to your own that how much aperture you want on your picture.


Range of the aperture(f) in between 1.4-20f

  • Steps 4:When your aperture mode is set, then you to save it, I have given a picture below, I have mentioned it from the red circle by clicking on that place you will export that photo into your device.

    More unique extra features that will be found on this app like:

  • You will get some more option in this app like you will change the shape of your aperture ,mean if you tap any object then the object become blurred.

  • You will get variety of lenses, on this app you can take any kind of photo from it, you will also get zooming, but all these lenses are premium, but you have to buy it, then only you can use it.

  • You can put sunlight (brightness) in any image by doing 3D , 2D method .So i think this is the best method that you can’t find on any apps.


  • You will get back bokeh option in this app so that i think its a great thing that will help it on your editing .

  • In this app you will get more effect like HDR, Sharpness, Add & Reduce Noise , vignette and many more option.

So i hope you will understand that how to add depth mode on your picture or how to add portrait mode on your picture if your picture doesn’t include depth mode.

Sometimes when i forget to capture the portrait mode so that this app help me a lot.

I know its being a tough time and everyone is facing Covid-19 Pandemic , we all are in lockdown and can’t go outside and can’t  take any pictures . So i will recommend you to practice with your old photos.

If you have any queries related to this post feel free to ask me on the comment section i will reply you as soon as possible .

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Stay home stay safe.

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