Every September like clockwork, GoPro updates its selection of action cameras, and 2022 is no exception. The newest action cameras from GoPro, the Hero 11 Black and Hero 11 Black Mini, went on sale today worldwide (as well as in India). So let’s examine what the Hero 11 Black camera range has added recently.

Launch of the GoPro Hero 11 cameras:

GoPro Hero 11 Black:

Starting with the appearance, not much has changed on this front; the GoPro Hero 11 Black still features two screens, one on the front serving as the viewfinder and the other on the back. Here, the camera sensor is what’s new. The Hero 11 Black now has a larger 1/1.9-inch sensor that allows for 27MP photo capture (up from 23MP on the Hero 10 Black).

Not only that, but the sensor has the biggest FOV ever recorded by a GoPro camera, capturing video in an 8:7 aspect ratio at 5.3K. Now, if you record films in this aspect ratio, you can edit them on the go using the company’s Quik app to change their aspect ratio to suit your needs. The Hero 11 Black can take photographs and videos in 10-bit colour, which is incredible, thanks to the bigger upgraded sensor.

Now, the greatest resolution that a Hero 11 Black can capture is 5.3K @ 60FPS and 4K @ 120FPS. This is before we examine some of the awesome new capabilities aboard. Both resolutions are compatible with the business’ SuperView mode, which has the widest FOV. In addition, the camera now has a better version of this function dubbed HyperView, which converts the entire 8:7 sensor readout into a 16:9 output.

If you like the GoPro HyperSmooth stabilisation technology, here is the upgraded fifth-generation version of it. Along with this, there is a 360-degree horizon lock feature that operates at up to 5.3K @ 30FPS. It aids in maintaining the subject level in relation to a certain horizon point.

There aren’t any significant modifications within. The GP2 processor in the GoPro Hero 11 Pro is the same as that in the model year prior. However, a replaceable 1,720mAh Li-ion Enduro battery has been added to replace the normal battery. Previously, the Enduro battery was a separate item. Two video shooting modes are available with the larger battery: Highest Quality (which doesn’t sacrifice quality for battery life), and Extended Battery (lowers resolution and frame rate to increase capture length).


Additionally, the business is releasing a Hero 11 Black Creator’s Edition kit so you may modify your camera into a vlogging setup. The Hero 11 Black serves as the centrepiece of this accessory set, which also includes the Volta extended battery grip, the Media Mod with a directional mic, and the Light Mod.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini:

Yes, there is now a new “small” GoPro Hero camera, as you can tell from the name and the images, which is sort of a much-desired replacement for the Session camera. When compared to the Session, the Hero 11 Black Mini is larger, measuring 52.4 x 51.2 x 38mm. Additionally, the camera is portable and only weighs 133 grammes.

The dual mounting fingers of the Hero 11 Black Mini are undoubtedly a standout feature. In what ways does this affect GoPro users? Now that you have mounting fingers on the back and rear, you may easily install this camera on more objects, such as helmets, bodysuits, and inside of cars. This increases the Hero 11 Mini’s toolbox’s adaptability.

The Hero 11 Mini doesn’t feature any touch displays, either on the front or on the back, which is another obvious flaw. The video recording mode, battery life, and other vital information are only displayed on a tiny display that is located at the top, right next to the shutter button. On the front, next to the camera lens, is a pairing button.

Enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that you get the same 24.7MP sensor and 5.3K/60FPS video recording capabilities as the standard model on the Hero 11 Black Mini in terms of the camera sensor and internals. Along with capability for 1080p live streaming, waterproofing to a depth of 10m, and the Max camera upgrade, the internal GP2 CPU is also the same.

The tiny variant has a non-removable 1,500mAh Enduro Li-ion battery as opposed to the standard model’s detachable battery. The camera must be plugged in to charge.

Cost and accessibility:

The first of the three camera kits introduced today to be sold in India will be the GoPro Hero 11 Black, which will cost Rs 51,500. Priced at Rs 41,500, the Hero 11 Black Mini will go on sale in November. The Creator Edition, which will start shipping in the middle of October and costs Rs 71,500, is the best option for vloggers in 2022.



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