Hello guys…
Today I am going to tell u about one of my photography which got viral on instagram recently.
Really even I also didn’t expect that it will go viral but it happen.The photo which gone viral is just a slipper.
So I am going to u tell what I did to get that photography.

Here is the screenshot:

Every day I think what should I click for tomorrow post . While thinking for post I saw my slipper which was near to me. So I think let click the slipper.
But first I was think which angle will look great. So I start clicking from left , right and front angle but I am not getting something unique. Then I thought let’s click from back side of slipper ., while I was clicking my camera was at normal zoom mode that is 1x.

It was looking great but I thought let click by keeping zoom mode at 0.25x . And after clicking it was looking great means something unique. After that I started my editing part which is the one of my favourite part.
While editing I put the whole frame in Warm Tone .Then I black the both side of frame except slipper because it is the main element in my frame. Then I defocus everything except slipper but if u see that picture the back side of slipper is little bit blur and dark bcz anything near to camera has to be little bit blur and dark.


Then from the window side from where the main light is coming I burn little bit and I used lensflare to make more effective. But my total focus was on slipper. Even u will see that pic u will get little bit spec on bump of the slipper which makes more attractive.. That’s how I make that photography unique.

I hope u will like that photo , then please share this post with your friends & family  and how you feel this photo comment it on the comment section and don’t forget to give the like in this post.

Stay home stay safe.

Thank you,


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