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Photography Contest S9(Finale)




Only Top 6 Contestant are selected for the next round:


Participants no-1

Participants no-2

Participants no-3

Participants no-4

Participants no-5

Participants no-6

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Avik Debnath(P-1)
Kul chandra Pradhan (P-3)
Ravi Sharma (P-4)
Harsh  Singh (P-5)
Sanchika Tyagi (P-6)

This poll has been finished and no longer available to vote !


Result of Photography Contest S9(Finale):


Hi I’m Arpit , and I’m Social media influencer and love to do photography. I’m doing Mobile Photography with my phone- “iPhone XR” . Currently I’m a undergraduate B.Tech (IT) student. I’m a big foodie and always love to sleep.

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