So let’s talk about color splash photography, it is the most unique and more liked by people.

Now a lot of people like it, but are unable to edit it properly. So today we will talk about how you will do Colour Splash Editing on your phone.

Let me tell you an example of some colour splash editing that people don’t know much about.

Now half of you must be thinking that this is very tough, but I am saying that it will take you only 5 minutes to learn color splash photography.
I will not teach you with any pro level app like Adobe Photoshop, I will teach you from my phone in a simple way.

7 Easy steps to create Colour Splash effect:

  • Steps 1: If you have Snapseed app, then open it, if not, download it from the App Store / Play Store is absolutely free.

Open any image you want to splash the color, click on the (+) button on the Snapseed app and select it.

  • Steps 2: After selecting the picture, click on the “Tool” option  and then select “Tune image”.

  • Steps 3: Then you have to go to the “Tune image” and  edit your picture a little bit so that whatever the “object” it is, it glows a little by increasing brightness and the saturation level.

I have shown an example where I have edited one of my pictures, you can guess how I have edited by seeing this picture.

Do not completely copy the example I have given. Just do it your self.

  • Steps 4: When you have saved the image, then you have to go to the tool again and click on the “Tune image” and keep the saturation level at (-100) at once.

Then you have to tap on the “Right Tick” -> then click on the left side of “i” button -> then tap on the “Views Edits” -> then tap on the “tune image” -> then tap on the paint logo button.

I have given a picture below that I have mentioned with a circle and box of red colour. I have already mentioned in a step wise from 1-5 so that its will help to understand the process.


  • Steps 5:Then when you edit, you will get your image in color, you get an option below which you can do black and white, you have to click on it. I have give a picture below which I have mentioned in a circle of red colour . You have to tap on this option.

  • Steps 6:Do as much zoom as you can so that there is no mistake in your picture while editing.You will get an option at the bottom, that option with “eye” tells you how much area you have selected.

Now you have to pay attention very well because when you rub the object on the screen the object will be coloured and the rest of the background will be black and white.

  • Steps 7:You can check once by zooming that there will be no color in any section because you have to colour the “object”  not the rest.

When you feel that you have done your editing properly, then clicking the “Right Tick” button given below and “Export” it to your Memory card or in your internal storage.


See how this picture looks when I did the editing. Comment and tell me how it looks.

If you have do the “Colour Splash effect” too, then definitely tell me on the comment section.

So here is some another pictures and tell me that which pictures do you like the most.




Now all of you say, is it very easy or hard?Now all of you say yeah its very easy.

If you understood this post, then please like, share and comment  it. And if you have any query related to this color splash, then feel free to ask me, i will reply as soon as possible.

Now we all are in quarantine so you have a lot of time to practice. So do practice and improve your Skill.

Stay Home Stay Safe

Thank you,


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