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How will you do macro photography from a mobile phone (2020)


Right now we are all in quarantine, for the last 5 months but people who are photographers are not going out.
But those who are smart photographers are also doing photography at home, but how? Have you heard about macro photography?

Yes, the maximum is doing Macro photography at home, but you must be thinking that Macro photography can be done by people who have DSLR. But if you have a smartphone then you can also do macro photography.
All you need is a macro lens.

The price of a macro lens is not very high and you will get in between Rs 600-2000. You will find it on Amazon, Flipkart, or any other sites.

So let’s talk about what is macro photography?

While a lot of technical definitions of what makes a macro exist, the simplest explanation is as follows. Macro photography is the art of making small things look big. You can do that by getting your subject really close, or by using a telephoto lens and zooming in.

The proper definition of macro photography is a picture whose subject is replicated to at least 1:1. That means the image on the camera sensor or film plate is the same size, or even bigger, than the subject in real life.

In reality, it’s easy to shoot a macro with a mobile phone, but there are some tricks to take a special macro photo.

So here are some points that you have to remember:

1. Get a macro lens for your mobile.

When you buy a macro lens, check that your device is compatible with it.

2. Find the subject you want: Insects and flowers work best

The natural world is full of possibilities— only check Google for “macro photography” and the image results are dominated by insect pictures and plant life.

If you have to take a macro photo of anyth ing other than insects and plants, then you can capture any small object such as human eye .


Right now everyone is in quarantine and if you can’t even go out, then you can take pictures such as eyes, plant ,any small object which is at home. Let me show you some pictures.

Hope you like both these pictures, if you have some such pictures too, then you will definitely tell in the comment section.

3.Use Burst Mode

I frequently shoot in normal camera mode when I am not shooting in manual. The main reason is that it allows me to use burst mode, by simply pressing and keeping on the shutter button, which takes several images in quick succession.

If an insect is in an uncomfortable spot, or shifts around, I found that the easiest way to get a decent shot is to hold my finger on the shutter button, firing off tens of images a second.

4. Focus the object well

When capturing any micro object, you must focus on it very carefully so that the macro image comes very well and looks professional at once.

5.Put in some additional light

Macro photography relies, as with any kind of photography, on great light falling on your subject. It’s hard to get the illumination in the right places. I took a number of macro shots under the midday sun as the bright light helped to bring out insect colors. This also allowed the phone to use the lowest possible ISO speed (with less image noise resulting) and the fastest shutter speed possible.

Another problem is that with your camera you can block the sunlight because you need to get really close to your subject and the best angle could entail casting a shadow.

The latter problem may be improved by only trying various angles, but I was also very effective in putting in my own lighting.

6. Edit the image

Editing your image is a perfect way to take a simple photograph and make it a truly artistic piece of work.

I personally do Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed on my iPhone, you will find this app on Play Store and App Store.I like this two apps more because you will get more features.

At the last point I told that I keep a LED light, not many people have it, but you can increase the brightness with these two editing apps.

Currently, maximum macro photography cannot be done sitting at home, but whatever is possible, do it at home and practice so that you can understand more thoroughly.

I hope that you will not have any doubts or confusions. If you like this post , do not forget to like, Share and comment.

If you have any doubt comment it , I will reply to you as soon as possible.
Stay home Stay Safe.

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