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What is depth of field?

The sum of distance that is fairly in focus is the depth of field, often written as DoF. It’s the range of area in a picture that is acceptably sharp.

Usually, depth of field varies gradually. Usually, where the subject is in view, it does not happen, and suddenly-BAM! There’s something out of sight. Oh, no. It’s incremental.

How to control depth of field?

There are three ways of managing depth of field, and they’re all simple:

  • Aperture
  • Distance from subject
  • Focal length


The opening of the lens is an aperture. The wider the gap, the greater the light that comes in. But it also influences how we see those things clearly.

Here is what is intriguing. You already intuitively know this. You make the “aperture” of your pupil smaller when you squint your eyes. The pupil abs orbs less light, but the way it reaches the pupil and focuses in your eye provides a slightly clearer image.


A lens works similarly, just as your eye does.

In this picture the aperture is f/13.0 .

Focal length:

Changing the focal length is another way to monitor depth of field. You can adjust the focal length if you have a zoom lens by simply zooming in or out, taking the subject closer or farther away. You can change the focal length by adjusting your lens if you have prime lenses where the focal length is set.
There’s a focal length written on each lens. You may have seen a 15 mm lens, which is a very brief focal length. Or you may have seen a 300 mm lens, which is a very long focal length.

Distance from subject:

The farther you are removed from stuff, the wider the scope of the sector. You understand this intuitively because everything seems sharp and concentrated if you are standing with stuff far away.


How to affect your field depth:

Up until now, by addressing aperture, focal length and distance from the subject, I have discussed how to accomplish these different looks. Now, let ‘s look another way at this.

Let ‘s look at what appearance you want to achieve in this.

I hope you understood what I had told it. If you have any doubt you can ask me on the comment section I will reply you as soon as possible.

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