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Hello everyone once again…. How are you all??? I know everyone is getting bored in their home due to lockdown.Even iam also getting bored. So I was thinking what I do in this lockdown so I started writing blog on my photography which I post on my Instagram account. As you know from my previous two blogs. I hope you all are liking my blogs so please comment on my blog it will motivate to write more blog . So today I will tell one of my photography which was “???? ????? ???????????” You can see the picture below :


Actually I clicked this photo around 2-3months earlier. As you all know if you want to be active on Instagram so you have to post on a daily basis . So for that reason I was thinking what should I post for today means that day. While I was looking my gallery I found this photo so I thought let’s do some editing. Then I import the picture on snapseed and started editing. Firstly I put warm tone but that was not looking good then I change to cool tone and it was looking great but simple. Then I thought let’s manipulate with this photo.By the help of double exposure in snapseed I able to make this photography . If you want a tutorial how I have done this by using double exposure I will surely upload a video on it.

So I hope you will like this blog also…
If you want to see amazing photography then visit my profile on instagram. Link is below



Thank you


Hello, My name is Sresth Pachisia. I am from Mumbai. I am working as a "Compositor Artist" In Animation industry. I have so many hobbies but one of my favorite is Photography.

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