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How to take good Photos with your Mobile Phone (Mobile Photography 2020)


Long ago, everyone did not have a mobile phone, but now every child has a smartphone in the 21st century.

Now when you go to any place, you do not have to call the photographer, you have a phone, you take a photo with the camera of that phone.

But when you take a photo with your phone, that photo does not look good. But Why don’t you like the photo? Is the quality of the camera bad or are you defective?

Obviously there is no problem in you, but when you take a photo you have to takes a bit of knowledge such as object, position, focus .Then only you take a beautiful photo.

In this blog I will teach you how you will be able to take professional photos.
And right now everyone is trapped in Lockdown, so you have a lot of time to practice. So let’s start it.

How to Take Good Photos With Your Phone: 5 Tips & Tricks

  1. Use “Grid” to balance your shot.

That superimposes a series of lines on the camera screen of your smartphone that are based on the “Rule of Thirds” — a theory of photographic design that says an picture should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine sections in total.

If you position points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your picture would be more balanced, consistent, and encourage viewers to engage more naturally with it, according to this theory.

Now you will ask me how will I get this Grid option:

For iPhone User:

Go to Setting -> Go to Camera option -> Grid (Turn it on)

For Android User:

Launch the camera app -> Go to Settings -> scroll down and switch the Grid(Turn it on)

2. Set your camera’s focus.

Today’s camera automatically focuses the object, you don’t have to do anything.
Right now everything depends on the Artificial Intelligence, you do not need to do anything, everything is imported inside the mobile camera.

To adjust where you want your camera lens to focus, just open the camera and tap on the screen where you want to sharpen the view , the object will be seen and the rest of the background  object become blur just like portrait mode.

And one thing you have to pay attention when you take a photo of anything, then you don’t move, then your camera will get confused which one is the object and subject?


By looking at the image of this flower, you will know what the object is and I am focusing on this object and the rest of the background is blurred.

3. Find different perspectives.

When you capture any unique picture, that picture seems to be of a different level.I will also show you some such pictures that you will be shocked to see.

Now you must be thinking that how will I get such idea in such a picture?

So how was it to see this picture? If you like, then tell me on the comment section.

4.Look for symmetry


This topic that I am going to tell is very important so read it carefully .

More than half of the people mistake it and are unable to take a good photo, but why are they like this? This is the main reason “symmetry”.

I don’t think that i have to explain the meaning of “Symmetry” ,well everyone know but how you should do this that the main question .

The simplest thing you have to keep in mind is that when you take a photo of any object, it should be in the middle.

You have to see whether the object you are capturing is equal from all four sides, if yes then capture it.

So i hope you will understand how to take symmetrical photo.

5. Play around with colour blocking

Isn’t it cool, except for one single object, when a whole picture is black and white?

Now you will ask me how do I do it. Obviously I will tell you. I have told about an app “Snapseed”, if you have not yet read that blog, then read it.

Its is very easy you just have to select the Saturation level into -100 and edit it . Tap on the image that you have to colour.

So here is some 5 basic tips and tricks that you have to practice.
Some more advanced photography tricks like healing effect , Double Exposures. I already make that blog just go and read it . I hope you will understand.

If you have any query regarding photography tips and tricks then comment it on the comment section.




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