The lockdowns around the world have taken most of us by surprise. We didn’t expect our lifestyles and ways of making money to be separated and encouraged to adjust, We had plans and aspirations to realize in the foreseeable future that were cut short  we can’t deny truth, though and all we can do is simply adapt to the difficulties we have to face. We need to change and strive for new ways to do what we have set out to do.

Changing our lifestyles could take just a week or two. What’s even more fascinating is that your new habits could be enjoyed later. The situation is different in terms of work prospects. It takes a couple of months to identify new sources of income occasionally. In view of this, many professionals ask, as a photographer, are there any easy ways to make money? There certainly are, and in this article we share an entire list of them.

Quick ways to make money with photography:

1. Uploading images to stock photography websites:

In your files, those photos you take on a regular basis or the whole series you’ve taken do not pile up. By uploading these works to stock photography sites like Depositphotos, you can make use of them. With stock photography, you can build a portfolio and begin making money as a freelancer.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to do this but you get an extra stream of income that can pay off very quickly. All you need to do is become a contributor to a website for stock photography and start posting your photographs with the right keywords on a regular basis. From any picture or video sold, you’ll get royalties. In addition, the more your works are downloaded by individuals, the more money you receive. Thus, as a photographer, your partnership with stocks could become a quick but also reliable and long-lasting way to make cash.

2. Sharing your professional experience:

You probably have a lot of experience to share with inexperienced photographers if you’ve been working in the industry for a while. As a professional, seminars, tutorials, and lectures can become part of your photography business and can help you improve your skills. Tips on how to shoot, what camera settings to select, how to build your personal vision, how to make the most of a dull spot, and other topics that you consider yourself an expert in can be among things you can share.


There are a few ways, in general, that you can bring this idea to life. You can organise workshops at various locations if you have any spare time. For example, when explaining the peculiarities of a particular genre of photography and helping them understand all the camera settings, you may walk your students down the city streets, gardens, or other locations. As a photographer, this way to make money is a safe one when lockdown constraints will not be an issue.

Meanwhile, online, you can share your expertise. A easier way to make money with photography can be workshops held on Zoom or your personal website. You just need to devote time to building a robust course layout, presenting your prospective students with an enticing bid, and figuring out the basics of running online workshops.

3. Doing branding photography:

With photography, you can also make money by taking images of goods and services. This shouldn’t be a concern if you haven’t done any branding photoshoots yet, as you will think more about it as you get your first work opportunities.
What you should do now is actually look in your neighborhood for customers. Visit your favorite coffee shop or bakery and ask if they want you to take their social media photos. Display your portfolio to them and offer to draft a contract.
Having confidence is the most critical aspect of brand photography. As you both have an interest in this endeavor, you should not be afraid to give your services to people. While many consumers need professional pictures for their social media and a website, you’re searching for an extra source of income.

4. Participating in a photo contest:

The least famous, but a great way to make money as a photographer is to send your works to photography competitions. If you’re a street, landscape, or a nature photographer, there are competitions for professionals working in all the various photography genres. There are also photography competitions for smartphones, so you can always try your luck if you don’t have expensive gear.

Besides, earning money is not the only advantage of taking part in a photo contest. Most contests give additional rewards to their winners, such as camera equipment, backpacks, fancy names, and of course, international exposure, which is just an awesome chance for any photographer.

5. Creating your own merch:

You may also start selling custom items with your photos, in addition to selling printed copies of your works. This is a perfect way to use photography to make money, but also to promote your personal brand. You can print your pictures, T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, pillows, and many other items on phone and laptop cases for example. Again on your Instagram account, on a website, or in venues, you can sell them. You can also visit local markets at weekends and sell your work there.

Don’t forget to include the name of your account or Instagram at the bottom of a product so that more individuals can find out about you and your brand.
Of course, as a photographer, there are many more ways to make money, but we share the quickest ones in this post. In a matter of days or weeks, you can spend only a few hours or one day being a contributor to a stock photography site, printing your works, or shooting an event and potentially get an additional source of income.

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