Doing incredible artworks with the cameras is only possible for the talented photographers back then in the age of the cameras which had filmed.

Now, after most of the digitalizing of the tech products, it got really easy with different editing tools that we got. Also, back then in analog photography, this practice was also implied to be quite expensive.

It was literally considered to be magic to merge two different photos into a single one. But now, it’s even doable with a smartphone. Here, we direct you through the process of making double exposure images on your camera with the aid of the Snapseed app.

Mobile photography has gone through a whole new next stage with the help of these editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO. All of these are efficient enough to convert any regular picture with a lot of detailing and editing. From all the apps that are available, we are going to use Snapseed here.

What is Double Exposure?

In the analog era of photography, it was explained as a technique in which a single camera film is exposed twice or more to create a new superimposed image. As said earlier, analog double exposure came with its own issues.

Firstly, good lighting conditions were important and cameras came with an automatic winding feature. Yet it ‘s better with smartphone photography as there is a post-processing method that you can perform.

You’ll essentially need two separate images to do this. The best result will come if one of the images is a monochrome one and the other is a high contrasting second layer. You can only catch the subject against a bright background such as white.

How to create double exposure images with Snapseed?

Snapseed is an awesome photo editing software so many people don’t know it. Are you daunted by the vast array of editing tools that the software has to offer?

Here is a complete step-by-step guide to my photo shooting process using my mobile phone only.

The final process of what we want to achieve.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

Steps to use Snapseed Double exposures:

  • Steps 1: Open Snapseed

You might ask why Snapseed? Snapseed has simple photo editing tools built into their apps for images, Snapseed does it all better and has more features.

Tap on the plus icon and select the photo that you want to do the “Double Exposures”.

  • Steps 2: Working on the image

After selecting the image first, you have to edit the image, you will see in the red circle on the above picture that there is an option “Tools

” click on it after clicking the option you will get the several options then go to  -> Tune Image.

Here I edit it from my own you will see several options like Exposure, contrast, highlights, etc.

Make sure whatever the picture you choose, you have to edit the picture in that manner so that its look like professional, I’ll recommend you to practice more and more so that it will improve your editing skill. Now in this COVID-19 pandemic, we all are in lockdown & you have a lot of time to practice.

After editing the first picture now click the tools button, select the double exposure, and click the marked icon to select the second image.


On the above picture, you will see that I’ll already select the double exposure image here you will see the “Howrah Bridge” I want to set the cloud picture.

  • Steps 3: Adjust its opacity

The next thing to do now is to make the other picture transparent from the frame by through the opacity slider to 100 percent. To approve the edit make sure you select the checkmark.

  • Steps 4: The most exciting part

Then click on “View Edits” -> click on -> “Double Exposures” -> “Click on the double exposure markup logo”

  • Steps 5: Manage your Double Exposures Images

Rub your thumb against the screen to reveal the other image and modify it according to your own you will see several options like “up arrow”, “down arrow” and also there is an “eye logo”.

Double Exposures tends to be 100. Make sure You have to keep in mind that your first image and second image should look the same, only then your picture will look you have to be very careful about “opacity”.

zoom the image as much as possible to correct the image because, When he or she sees your photo, he/she will not be able to control himself/herself and will give you a good comment.

When you feel that you have done your editing properly then export it and save your file.

I hope you will be understood how to do double exposures using snapseed app. If you found this tutorial helpful, kindly give this article a like, comment, and share.

If you have any doubt regarding this double exposure feel free to ask on the comment section

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