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Best Practice for Designing Instagram Stories



Hello everyone I hope you all are well and fine ,many people DM me and told me that how can I make Instagram story more better and boost our traffic to get more followers. So here I’ll share a interesting topic with you , hope you will like it.

Instagram stories are used by over 500 million users and publish more than 1 billion posts on a daily basis. One-third of the most commonly shared tales are from corporations. Not unexpectedly, after evaluating a 15-second video, 62 percent of individuals say they have become more interested in a brand or a product. It’s needless to say that Instagram stories have become an extremely effective communication and promotion tool for both individuals and brands, with all these stats in mind.

With excellent story design, surprising the audience is the way to get noticed and stand out from the crowds. It is also an opportunity to communicate with your customers in an authentic way, engage with them, improve your brand image, and handle some of your marketing goals. To help you make the most of this method, we share the best practice for creating Instagram stories.

1. Choose one aesthetic and be consistent with your designs :

It goes without saying that for brands, a presence on social media is extremely important. Even in 2020, however many underestimate the power of it. On Instagram, being involved is just half the fight. Both visually and textually, the contact across this forum should be well-tailored. This relates to photos that are shared on the feed, but also stories from Instagram. While after 24 hours, the 15-second-long videos vanish, this time is more than adequate to engage your audience and leave a long-lasting impression.

By mixing convincing copying and attractive visuals of a specific aesthetic, one of the ways you can do this is. The text and photos you post should go together well and talk on your brand’s behalf. These are the tools that help you outline your dedication to those values and boost your brand’s customer experience.

You’ll be able to anchor a clear brand picture in the minds of your audience with only a few posts if you stick to one aesthetic in all your Instagram contact. In order to build a positive image that Instagram users can get used to and enjoy coming from your brand, being coherent is important.


You can buy this type of attractive template for Instagram story or you can create attractive templates from your own.

Here is the link that you can buy it- Instagram template

2. Using the colors of your brand to get noticed:

Colors are an important part of the aesthetic of your brand. When it comes to creating an authentic bond with your audience, they elicit emotions and swift comparisons and play a crucial role. If you have a brand book or at least your brand colors are outlined, to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and memorable, you should stick to them in your communication.

This technique, however, may seem boring to you as well. Seasonal makeovers are a perfect opportunity to diversify your contact, if you have time and other resources to invest in your social media. This strategy will also allow you to demonstrate that you are on top of the latest trends.

By sharing the most popular colors, we would like to help you with that.

3. Stick to the same fonts and typefaces:

You should also pay attention to the typefaces and fonts you’re using to make your story design look coherent. The general rule states that you should stick to no more than three different fonts, but the number should be reduced down to two for aesthetic purposes. For instance, for headings and taglines, you can use one bold typeface, while a legible one can be added to the body text.

If yours is too messy or difficult to absorb, your subscribers wouldn’t want to waste their time reading noisy text and would flip a story quickly.

4. Complement your designs with interactive elements:

You should not forget about the variety of elements that Instagram provides, in addition to story designs that you make in Photoshop or any other applications. Just prior to posting an article, you can add emoji, signs, gifs, hashtags, places, polls, and other things. They’re going to help you connect even more with your audience.

In addition, some of these components are meant to illustrate your CTA so that you can achieve your goals, from generating leads and the website traffic to actually gaining insights about your audience and their points of pain.

5. Experiment with formats:

The goal of Instagram stories is to enable more engagement between brands and individual Instagram users with their subscribers. While images are perfect for posting on the main feed, through animation and videos, stories are a great opportunity for storytelling. For example, you can share videos from the product shooting backstage, announce the launch of a new project with an animated series, or ask your CEO to share the news with your audience about your business.

In Photoshop or any other tool, all these formats can be presented as coherent stories and professionally edited. Later, they can be saved in highlights so that in a matter of minutes your new subscribers can check them out and get to know your brand.

see the highlight logo design its look more professional and attractive.

source: Arpit Photography

Stories from Instagram may seem to be a simple tool to work with, but it’s also quite powerful. It interacts with your audience in a few seconds and shapes the image of your brand in their minds. Thus, you need to put a lot of effort into writing catchy lines and creating fascinating designs worth sharing in order to create a lasting impression and reach all your marketing goals. You should not be afraid of experimenting with new formats and components as well. Instagram trends are rapidly changing and only those who are flexible and bold manage to captivate the attention of their audience and turn subscribers into leads.

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