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7 Social Media Pro Tips for Small Businesses


Although the most vulnerable to economic disasters are small businesses, it is easier for them to adapt quickly and go online.

Small business transactions on the Internet can take place on social media via the website of a company, eCommerce sites, or their public pages. And social media could also be the place where you meet your future buyers for the first time, regardless of the way you want to market your goods.

It depends on your communication strategy, whether this meeting ends with a good friendship or business potential. We explain some validated social media management techniques in this article to help you improve your post reach and user interaction with very little effort.

1. No generalization. Consider the target client’s profile

A comprehensive overview of a typical representative of your target group is the target customer profile. Demographics, geography, psycho-emotional definition, economic status, priorities and concerns, lifestyle, schooling, behaviors, and more are included.

The distinction between a portrait of a target audience and a client profile is that a particular person, not a generic one is defined by the profile. Based on information obtained from your current clients or your online findings, you may create customer profiles. Detailed surveys are a perfect way of focusing in on your target audience.

You should ask yourself how Anna (or John, or Peter), whose profile you have at hand, would respond to this if you want to build a story or post on a particular subject. In order to discourage small companies from wasting advertising budgets on ambiguous and generalized contact with an abstract audience, this approach is informative.

2. Opt for automated content uploading

Yeah, the quality of your posts and their frequency are of utmost importance. It’s content uploading, however, that often takes the managers precious working hours away, which they could spend on creating new texts and awesome visuals.

We recommend that you get on board with one of the hundreds of tools for content scheduling. To save time and simplify this process to be even more efficient in the long run, you can choose from Later, Feedly, Sprout Social, CoSchedule, and Buffer in 2020.

3. Continue to be active, visual, and memorable. But in an intelligent manner

Yeah, it sounds like obvious advice in 2020. Brands should however be involved not only online this year but specifically proactive. Interactive and dynamic types of advertising are coming to the fore, such as branded AR filters, polling, promotions for hashtags and streaming videos.

Typically, small businesses do not have the resources to continually host streaming, focus on all that is going on in the market, or produce subtitled videos. Luckily, we have 3 thoughts about how to cheat the system:

Visual content editors drag & drop:

For images (check out Crello by Depositphotos) and videos, we suggest that you use template-based and mobile-first editors (also Crello, as well as Adobe Premiere Rush, inShot App, St oriesStudio, and others).


Planning ahead:

Act according to a simple schedule of content development, since it takes time to make decisions on the fly. Calculate how much content in a day, week or month you will potentially produce. Then create a development plan for content that highlights formats, subjects, specifications, and a person in charge. To make the workflow seamless, carry out a production checklist.

Transforming current material:

Duplicate your website news on social media to improve your online presence. Blog papers, the launch of a new collection, significant events, all of which can be translated into posts. Use topics which perfectly fit the profiles of the client.

4. Find brand ambassadors among micro-influencers:

We wrote earlier about why influencers are so important. The short answer is that people are trusted more than abstract brands, and more sympathy than superstars is evoked by ordinary people.

One of the 2020 influencer marketing updates is about brands moving from a one-time relationship with an influencer to contracts with a brand ambassador. The essence of this strategy is that users begin to associate brands with a certain individual whom they admire or like.

Such a policy has one major benefit for small companies. As many one-off campaigns with influencers are more costly than a long-term deal with them it saves money.

5. Use general, niche, and personal hashtags at the same time :

On social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat, hashtags help you increase the reach of your posts for free. The majority of social networks also give users the option of subscribing to a particular hashtag.

Here is the link – http://best-hashtags.com/hashtag/likes/

You will get any popular hashtag according to your niche or content.

6. Mind posting time:

For business accounts, social networks like Facebook or Instagram have built-in analytics software. There, as well as the time they are most involved, you will learn more about the demographics of those who have interacted with your posts.

How does one decide the correct time or day for posting? There’s a reply here:

Here is the Instagram insight where you can see the highest active people, where you can easily assume that what is the exact time or days that the more people are active.

7. Keep your eye on innovations and trends:

Small companies are more susceptible to developments in the industry, trends in fashion, technology, and insights from customers. While a large company is transforming its online interactions to target millennials, with Gen Z’s and Alphas, small companies have also found common ground.

Make it a rule to track new technology, evolving social media, as well as everything relevant to the tastes and aesthetics of your target audience that they want.

Rush to incorporate it into your communication as soon as something fresh appears on the horizon. It might be a new way of customizing Instagram posts, technology for VR parties, or something else that we can’t imagine yet.

Be a leader in developments in graphics and technology! It will allow you to stand out among your rivals and win over new customers.

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