Christmas is working desperately to be “the most amazing time of the year.” At least for artists, the blend of families, friends, sweets, gifts, decorations, ornaments, trees, etc. can be a pretty wonderful mixture. During this season, you can take some unique pictures, but much of the Christmas spirit will only be around for a little time. So here’s a list of some nice suggestions for Christmas pictures to make the most of your winter holidays.

1. Try out bokeh:

If Christmas were a technique for photography, it would be bokeh, a.k.a. “the blurring art.” A shallow depth of field is used in bokeh to produce an out-of-focus effect. When there are flashing lights in the background, the bokeh effect appears more naturally. This is the place where Christmas arrives. The “light season” can provide you with plenty of chances to pursue bokeh.

2. Get a tree:

Add a Christmas tree if you’d like to make an ordinary space look magical. Images of Christmas trees really capture the season’s warm and fuzzy feel. Or, you can make some amazing pieces of abstract art if you go the long-exposure path.


3. Go out at night:

In the streets at night, part of the Christmas spirit can be found. In order to decorate homes, trees and tourist spots with decorations, people and the local government go out of their way. You should show your appreciation as a photographer by taking lots of unforgettable pictures of these decorations.

4. Take portraits of friends and family specially baby:

In the end, the time spent with family and friends is what makes Christmas special. A perfect way to capture this aspect of Christmas is by portrait photography. Take pictures outside in the snow, with the lights inside, or anywhere anyone might enjoy a little Christmas pleasure. Especially when baby wear a costume during Christmas its look too cute.

5. Shoot Santa:

One Very Special Guy for Christmas: Santa. Therefore, every self-respecting Christmas photographer should aim to get at least one decent Mr. Claus shot. You should always try to work with a replacement model if you have trouble finding Santa in a position close to you.

I hope you like my post and got some best ideas and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.



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